Africa & Egypt


  • Art of the African Mask - An exhibit at Bayly Art Museum; each image has a description explaining the name of the mask, where the mask is from, who created it, and its purpose.

  • African Studies Center - A University of Pennsylvania site that provides a multitude of resources on Africa. The multimedia archives have a wealth of images on African sculpture, maps, people, places, and more. The Country-specific pages have links relating to each individual country in Africa.


  • Ancient Egypt - This British Museum site is a wonderful combination of storytelling, pictures, graphic, and interactive media about the life, culture, geography, gods, mummies, pharaohs, pyramids, and temples of ancient Egypt.

  • Egypt, Secrets of an Ancient World - National Geographic and PBS collaborated on this site which ties in with their TV shows, “Egypt: Secret Chambers Revealed” and “Egypt Eternal: The Quest for the Lost Tombs.”

  • Tour Egypt - This site has information on both ancient and modern Egypt, including the history, photos, gods, recipes, and much more.