Black History

Black History Resources

  • African-American History - This page from Online University provides an overview of African-American history and includes links to subtopics like African civilizations, notable biographies, legal issues, etc.
  • Africana Heritage Project - "Our mission is to rediscover precious records that document the names and lives of former slaves, freedpersons, and their descendants, and share those records on this free Internet site."
  • Black History Links - This website offers a directory of links about black history.
  • Dred Scott Digital Project - Washington University has digital images of the documents in the Dred Scott case, a chronology of events, and links to other sites about the case.
  • John Brown's Holy War - This PBS companion site follows the life and actions of abolitionist John Brown. It includes maps, timeline, people, events, and a teacher's guide.
  • Powerful Days: The Civil Rights Photography of Charles Moore - A photojournalist for Life Magazine during the late 1950s and early 1960s Moore has captured the civil rights movement in his photos.
  • The Scottsboro Boys Trials - This website offers chronology, biographies, the trials, images, links, and a bibliography from Professor Linder from the University of Missouri, Kansas.