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Career Coach is part of Career Resources, one of the nation’s leading non-profit workforce development organizations providing training and assistance to the job seekers.

Job Skills Training for the Early Careerist

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​Job Search Articles 

Summer jobs
Pack your patience as summer jobs go unfilled in national parks.
Los Angeles Times, Jun 7, 2021
Summer Job Market for Teens Is Sweet; Share of working teens hits 13-year high, as more employers turn to young people to fill hiring gaps.
Wall Street Journal, 06 June 2021


Recruiter And ATS Expert Shares Resume Dos, Don’ts And ATS Myths
How to Optimize Your Resume for an ATS
Wall Street Journal, 11 May 2021
Avoid these 7 résumé mistakes if you want a job interview

Job seekers advice
What Hackers Can Learn From Your Social Media: That picture you liked on Facebook? It's just one clue that can leave you -- and your company -- vulnerable.
Wall Street Journal, 09 June 2021
How to Cure the She-Cession: 15 Moves to Help Working Women Recover.
Newsweek, Jun 11, 2021
An entrepreneur shares the exact template she used to craft an attention-grabbing professional bio.
Business Insider, 09 June 2021
Three Steps To Level And Power Up Your Network To Elevate Your Career
Positive Marijuana Tests Are Up Among U.S. Workers; Percentage of job seekers, employees shown to be using the drug climbs as legalization expands.
Wall Street Journal 26 May 2021
How to manage expectations when your dream job loses its luster.
Business Insider, 21 May 2021
Gen Z Gets Career Advice, One TikTok at a Time; Social-media site is providing entry-level job seekers a place to find advice—and commiseration—from people their own age.
Wall Street Journal, 20 May 2021
Fake vacancies? Tips not to fall for them when looking for a job.
Noticias Financieras, 14 May 2021
The science in getting a job - 5 main reasons for unsuccessful job applications.,  14 May 2021

Job Interview

Job Interview Preparation Tips to Help You Stand Out.
Wall Street Journal, 10 June 2021
Interview Icebreakers Can Land You in Hot Water.
HR News, 28 May 2021
Making Up for a Bad Job Interview.
HR News, 2 June 2021
Landmines To Watch Out For When Interviewing For A New Job
Interview Questions & Answers
Here are the 7 most frequently asked questions in a job interview and the best answers for each.
Noticias Financieras,  15 May 2021
How To Fail A Job Interview

Salary Negotiation 
The counteroffer: here’s how to get that bump

For recent graduates
Hey, 2021 Grads, These Apps Can Prepare You for Adulting; Life after college is full of decisions about 401(k)s, health insurance and budgeting. Apps like Real world, Credit Karma and Mint can help navigate the confusing world of grown-ups.
Wall Street Journal 29 May 2021
2021 Grad’s Guide to Getting Hired
The 10 Best Remote Career Fields For New College Grads
Career website for college students
A job-search game plan for the class of 2021

College Graduates
Do You Need to Do an Internship Before You Graduate From College? Recruiters say the pandemic has made interning more important than ever in landing a job after graduation.
Wall Street Journal, 06 June 2021
Hiring Outlook Optimistic for College Students and Recent Grads: Survey results from The Harris Poll, commissioned by Express Employment Professionals, reveals job prospects for grads are bouncing back in 2021.
PR Newswire, 09 June 2021
Good news for grads: Help (really) wanted.
The Christian Science Monitor, 07 June 2021

For older workers
Job hunting over 50? 7 tips to help you get the position you want
Grand Forks Herald (ND), April 18, 2021

You’re Not Basic … So Why the Basic Business Bio? CareerAlley  May 30, 2021
A Better Way to Address Career Gaps
Had to take career gaps? LinkedIn’s latest feature helps you explain
These InMails Get the Best Response Rates, LinkedIn Data Reveals
Career experts share their 24 best LinkedIn Premium networking tips, from finding contacts to writing a captivating first message. Business Insider, 20 Apr 2021

Skills and jobs in demand
Power and utility workforce unprepared for a decarbonized, digitized energy future: EY survey: -- Nearly 90% of utility executives report having too few workers with the right skills to adopt digital technology.
PR Newswire; 07 June 2021
4 in 5 local pharmacies can't find enough workers to deliver prescriptions and run the cash register, according to an industry report.
Business Insider,  04 June 2021
Supermarkets, Restaurants Want To Expand but Can't Find Workers.
Wall Street Journal, 04 June 2021
College Majors With the Highest Unemployment
College Majors With the Lowest Unemployment
Jobs in in-demand careers
Not Qualified for a Job? These Companies Will 'Reskill' You; Some companies teach their own data scientists after Covid-19 pandemic accelerated shift to e-commerce; Levi's offers boot camp.
Wall Street Journal, 17 May 2021
As Hotels Get Busier, Workers Are Scarce.
Wall Street Journal, 19 May 2021
High fuel prices and shortages hit trucking industry, as nation critically needs gasoline and goods transported.
The Washington Post, 15 May 2021
Investing in communication skills pays off.
Chicago Tribune, 10 May 2021
How to Crash-Proof Your Personal Brand in a Tight Job Market.
Marketing Opinions [BLOG],  12 May 2021.
The Most In-Demand Jobs Right Now

Job market in 2021
From Appetizers to Tuition, Incentives to Job Seekers Grow.
New York Times, Jun 8, 2021
Job Openings Hit Record in Spring.
Wall Street Journal, 09 June 2021
'Historic' Shift in Labor Force Favors Workers.
New York Times, 06 June 2021
Move to a New City for a Job? No Thanks. --- Workers are growing more hesitant to relocate.
Wall Street Journal, 07 June 2021
Hiring Outlooks Strengthen In Q3 - Talent Shortages Reach Highest Levels In 15 Years: -- Hiring outlooks improve in 42 of 43 markets year-over-year and in 31 since last quarter
PR Newswire, 08 June 2021
Employer Hiring Activity for Tech Jobs at Highest Point in Nearly Two Years, CompTIA Analysis Finds: Job postings for information technology positions reach 365,000 in May
PR Newswire, 04 June 2021
Benefits Added During the Pandemic Likely to Remain: Employers ramped up flexibility and well-being programs to help struggling workers.
HRNews Jun 9, 2021
Connecticut Offers $1,000 Hiring Bonus for Long-Term Unemployed --
WSJ Dow Jones Institutional News, 07 June 2021
Take That Job and…Re-Imagine It! Some New Yorkers say they won't return to the daily grind even as the job market heats up. Wall Street Journal, 01 June 2021
The jobs report may signal whether workers are staying on the sidelines.
New York Times, 4 June 2021
Why It's So Hard to Fill Jobs in Certain States; Parts of Mountain West, Plains and New England have three open positions for every unemployed person.
Wall Street Journal, 29 May 2021
Pack your bags for seasonal work.
Los Angeles Times, 30 May 2021
As Employers Race to Fill Jobs, America's Teenagers Cash In.
New York Times, 31 May 2021
Amazon Launches New Program to Support Americans Displaced from the Job Market Return to the Workforce.
Dow Jones Institutional News, 03 June 2021
Here’s What's Going To Happen In The Job Market Over The Next Four Months
A rush to restore federal staffing.
The Washington Post, 22 May 2021
Careers in the Skilled Trades Await New High School Grads.
Dow Jones Institutional News, 27 May 2021
Babysitting isn't just for low-paid teenagers anymore.
Los Angeles Times, 23 May 2021
25 Companies We Love on The Muse—and They’re Hiring!
Unemployment Pay May Again Require a Job Search. Is It Too Soon?
New York Times  16 May 2021
With Labor Tightening, McDonald's Raises Pay.
New York Times, 14 May 2021
New York City Adds Workers As Businesses Come to Life.
New York Times, 21 May 2021
Companies Weigh Faster Office Return --- New CDC guidance on masks, social distancing throws a wrinkle into plans.
Wall Street Journal, 17 May 2021
Automation sees a boost as employers struggle to hire.
The Washington Post, 20 May 2021
Small Businesses Struggle to Fill Jobs.
Wall Street Journal, 21 May 2021
Prices, Demand and Hiring Soar: Steel Is Back
New York Times, 21 May 2021
Trying to steer in the gig economy? Map your budget.
The Washington Post, 16 May 2021
Best Workplaces 2021: 429 Companies That Make Work Worth It
5 Booming industries that are hiring right now
Workers With Low Wages Are Now in High Demand.
Wall Street Journal, 14 May 2021
5 Freelance Jobs That Are In Demand Now
Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs For 2021

Career change
I quit my job at Google to launch my own media company. Here's what entrepreneurs need planned out (and in the bank) before ditching the 9-to-5.
Business Insider, 27 May 2021
How to quit your job with integrity

Hybrid/Remote work
Yes, Your Employer Can Require You to Be Vaccinated.
New York Times, Late Edition (East Coast); New York, N.Y. [New York, N.Y]09 June 2021
Employers Can Require Covid-19 Vaccine Under Federal Law, New Guidance States; Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says federal laws don't prevent an employer from requiring workers to be inoculated.
Wall Street Journal, 28 May 2021
So, You Want to Become a Digital Nomad ... New York Times 28 May 2021
Bosses Question Eagerness Of Remote Employees.
Wall Street Journal, 24 May 2021
Here's What to Watch For in the World of Hybrid Work; Will the hybrid work model set a standard for flexibility and efficiency or competition and favoritism?
Wall Street Journal, 26 May 2021
Federal telework expected to last.
The Washington Post, 25 May 2021
Explaining HIPAA: No, it doesn’t ban questions about your vaccination status.
The Washington Post, May 22, 2021
The Washington Post, 18 May 2021
CEOs at JPMorgan and WeWork caught flak for saying remote work doesn't work for young, ambitious, and engaged staff. Surveys of Gen-Zers sugHybridgest they could be right.
Business Insider, 18 May 2021
Remote work: 10 tips to display a suitable image in a virtual meeting,
02 May 2021

Preventing Burnout as a Working Mom.
CareerAlley. May 26, 2021
How to take a break.
New York Times, May 28, 2021
Writing a General Purpose Cover Letter: Tips, Template and Examples
How to Write a Cover Letter: The All-Time Best Tips
35+ Successful Cover Letter Tips & Advice

Got a Job Offer? Here’s How to Negotiate Your Salary. Practice with the WSJ’s interactive chatbot on getting the best salary after you’ve been offered a new position

The Ultimate Guide: How to Prepare for a Phone Interview
From Linkedin latest survey: The Most In-Demand Jobs Right Now
IT job hunt: 10 timely tips

The Best States for Remote Job Seekers
5 Remote Job Search Tips for Older Workers
The Best Cover Letter Examples for Every Type of Job Seeker
The 31 Best LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers

99 LinkedIn Profile Tips
Should You Use LinkedIn’s #OpenToWork
To Find Your Next Job More Quickly, Tell Your Community You’re Open to Work
28 Best Places To Work Tech Companies Hiring Now!
The 27 Highest-Paying Trade Jobs — No Bachelor’s Degree Required
SkillUp Career Group Coaching
The 8 Best Online Tools For Your Job Hunt In 2021

SideHusl - provides help navigating gig economy, job listings, ideas, tips on freelancing
ConnectRN - site connecting nurses with facilities in need of part-time nursing help
Find Jobs on LinkedIn – Best Practices
themuse - job interview tips
themuse - 7 Ways Job Searching Will Be Different in 2021 (and How You Can Adapt)
themuse - 15 Kinds of Jobs That Are In Demand—and Growing—Heading Into 2021
Forbes - Lots Of Career Interests? How To Show You’re Flexible But Not Unfocused-
Vault - 4 Tips for Searching for Companies that Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

Glassdoor's Best Places to Work 2021

Resume Tips for Career Changers

15 great resources to help you find a more fulfilling career or make your current job a little better
Major Red Flags To Look For Before Accepting The Job

The Most In-Demand Jobs Right Now
10 Unexpected Interview Questions to Get Unrehearsed Answers
2020 Drucker Institute Company Ranking of Best-run companies

Recent college graduate spotlight:

As Connecticut begins to reopen businesses and the economy, there are several resources available to support job-seekers and businesses get back to work quickly and safely. Governor Lamont and the state have forged several partnerships to provide residents with job-training for in-demand skills, and custom job portals with open positions across the state.

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ct work metrix

Subscription Database - Access using your Norwalk Library card number.

JobNow has expert resume assistance, live interview coaching and tips and resources to help start your job search.
AtoZ Databases
AtoZ databases is the Premier Job Search, Reference & Mailing List Database including 30 million business & executive profiles & 220 million residents. Ideal for sales leads mailing lists, market research, employment opportunities, finding friends and relatives, and much more

AtoZ databases Intro Videos - Whether you are new to the application or need some assistance in navigating AtoZdatabases, these videos will provide the guidance you are looking for. Includes videos on how to search for a job, how to interview,& how not to interview.
  • Step-Up - (Subsidized Training and Employment Program)
  • Zippia -  A site for job seekers who want to empower their career aspirations with knowledgeable data.

Local Career Centers

American Job Center - Southwest - Job search offered at no cost - open to everyone. Located in Bridgeport, Derby & Stamford.

American Job Center - How Can We Help You? - An explanation of our services and who to contact for each service.

American Job Center Career Coach - "...a One-Stop on wheels and mobile classroom which brings career services and computer training to you!"

Goodwill Career Centers: 15 Cross Street. Norwalk, CT Phone: 203-840-0361
They provide FREE job prep classes-Resume Writing, Job Searching, Interview Skills, Cover Letter writing, etc. Every day including Saturday, Except Wednesdays. There is a calendar of classes at the Main Reference Desk. They also have one-on-one job counseling (not just for Goodwill jobs). Scroll down to the Norwalk Goodwill entry for a link to their current calendar of classes.

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