Norwalk's Neighbors

The History of Ridgefield Connecticut (George L. Rockwell)

The History of Redding Connecticut (Charles Burr Todd)

History of Danbury, Conn. 1684-1896 (James Montgomery Bailey & Susan Benedict Hill.( New York: Burr Print House. (1896)

History of Fairfield  Volume 1Volume 2 (Elizabeth Hubbell Schenck)

History of Fairfield County, Connecticut (D. Hamilton Hurd)

 Jennings, G. Penfield. (1933). Greens Farms, Connecticut, the old West parish of Fairfield ..: historical sketches and reminiscences. [Greens Farms, Conn.,]: The Congregational Society of Greens Farms. [Published shortly after the death of the author.]  This publication contains several references to Norwalk.