Tax Information

Free SimplifyCT (Vita) Volunteer Tax Assistance Help 
Through the Norwalk Public Library System 

Free Tax Service has been extended to May 17, 2021

The Norwalk Public Library System is pleased to announce the no cost, full-service SimplifyCT Volunteer Tax Assistance Program, providing free state and federal income tax preparation and e-filing, with special attention to seniors and low to moderate income households, will again be offered. But, because of Covid restrictions there will be no on-site preparation this year.

Video about the Norwalk Public Library Tax Service

There will be two options to access this service:

Virtual Method - for Main Library & for South Norwalk Branch
The preferred all-virtual method allows clients to upload information and documents via a secure Internet site into the “Get Your Refund” system, from the convenience and safety of home. Taxes will then be prepared, and the preparer will contact the client by phone or email with any questions or request for additional information, if needed.  

"Note - One of the questions you will be asked is if you earn more than $66,000. Even if your income exceeds this amount do not check this box. We will prepare your return irrespective of your income.”


There will be limited appointments available at the Main library and South Norwalk branch for anyone unable to submit their information virtually. Clients will be helped with scanning their information and documents, which will then be used to prepare tax returns by SimplifyCT preparers, working remotely. Arrangements will be made to deliver the completed tax return to the client at a later date.

A list of locations for free tax preparation and filling.

Scanning Schedule:

Norwalk Public Library (Main) - call for appointments (203) 899-2780 x15106
Thursdays   12:00 noon - 5:00 p.m.

South Norwalk Branch - call for appointment (203) 899-2790 x15902
Saturdays      9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


Identity Documentation

    Government Issued Photo ID.
●    Social Security or ITIN numbers for all taxpayers and dependents.
●    Bank account/routing numbers (blank check preferable), if expecting a refund.

All 2020 income report forms received:

    SSA1099 if you were paid Social Security benefits.
    W-2(s) from your employer(s).
    W-2G from gambling winnings.
    1099G from unemployment compensation payments.
    1099s: Bank interest, stock dividends, retirement distributions, broker statements.

Other Important Documents:

    Receipts for deductible expenses including real estate and vehicle taxes paid.
    Verification of the original purchase price of sold assets (home, stocks, etc.).
    Receipts/canceled checks if itemizing deductions (e.g., charity contributions).
    Form 1095-A if health insurance was from the Access Health Connecticut Marketplace.
    For Reference - Copy of last year’s (TY 2019) Return

Across the nation, during the last full tax season, 65,000 IRS-certified volunteers provided this service at more than 9,000 sites. Some three and a half million taxpayer returns were prepared and filed via this service throughout the country. In Connecticut 52,000 federal returns were processed, in addition to an equal number of state returns and many amended filings from prior years. Over 1,700 of these were filed at area libraries and at Norwalk City Hall, with $2 million in federal refunds being returned, 53% of which were from tax credits such as for earned income and education.

For further information please call Norwalk PL’s Information Desk at (203) 899-2780 ext. 15109.

A list of locations for free tax preparation and filling.

Connecticut Tax Information

Items Contact / Additional Information
Connecticut State Tax Forms
Local IRS Offices Fax: 1-860-297-5698
Mailing Address for CT Forms TDD/TT Users: 1-860-297-4911

New York State Tax Information

Item Contact / Additional Information
New York Tax Forms & Instructions NYS Forms: 1-800-462-8100
Department of Taxation  NYS Help: 1-800-225-5829
Mailing Address for NY Forms